The Moreana Way

  • Christian-based values guide our daily routine, commencing with prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and goal-sharing, with occasional philosophical discussions.
  • Learning combines self-paced core subjects and collaborative class projects, utilizing project-based, inquiry-based, and experiential learning.
  • Our suggested curriculum includes some free resources; however, parents hold the final authority in choosing curriculum, including online learning options.

Daily Schedule

Experience a fulfilling 6-hour day at Moreana Boys Academy:

    • 3 hours of focused academic engagement: Students delve into their personalized academic plans, choosing comfortable learning spaces and benefiting from educators’ guidance and group discussions. Those ahead in their studies can channel their creativity into projects, learning games, or assisting classmates.
    • 45 minutes of quiet self-guided reading: Embrace the joy of reading with a diverse selection of fiction and non-fiction books, cultivating a love for learning.
    • 1 hour of social time and enrichment: Enjoy lunch, games, and outdoor activities. Educators may join in, fostering a dynamic environment that also accommodates those passionate about continuing academic pursuits or engaging in group discussions, reflections, and growth/service/challenge projects.
    • 45 minutes to 1 hour of physical enrichment: Engage in organized sports activities, ideally 2-3 times a week, utilizing local parks with grassy fields, volleyball nets, and basketball courts.
    • 15-30 minutes of wrap-up: Conclude the day with a reflective and constructive wrap-up session.

Enrollment Options

Pricing is for an entire school year
Full Time: 185 days | Part Time: 112 days | Excursions Only: 38

Full Time

Embark on a full week of immersive learning at Moreana Boys Academy, where Monday through Friday brings a rich blend of academic engagement, self-guided study, social enrichment, physical education, and thoughtful wrap-up sessions.

Part Time

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, experience the dynamic rhythm of Moreana Boys Academy’s schedule, balancing academic exploration, quiet reading, vibrant social time, invigorating physical education, and reflective wrap-up sessions in a purposeful and engaging manner.  Wednesdays include guest instructors and/or opportunities for special projects and experiences.

Excursions Only

Fridays at Moreana Boys Academy are thoughtfully curated for immersive excursions that extend beyond the classroom. Students embark on captivating journeys to explore and learn about our community, state, and the wider world. These excursions not only enrich their academic understanding but also foster a deeper connection to the diverse environments that shape their education and personal growth.