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By not providing our own curriculum, we empower parents to choose based on their child’s needs and interests. The state of Arizona requires all students to have a curriculum covering Math, Science, ELA, and Social Studies, but the source of the curriculum, and additional elective curricula are completely the decision of the family.  We highly encourage optional subjects like foreign language, art, music, theology, and computer science to provide a well-rounded education. Moreana Boys Academy is committed to affordability, offering discounted rates for selected curricula through our preferred vendors, ensuring accessibility without compromising academic excellence.

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From the Vendor: The Classical Core Curriculum is a complete classical Christian curriculum that emphasizes the traditional liberal arts of language and mathematics and the cultural heritage of the Christian West as expressed in the great works of history and literature. The curriculum has an early focus on the basic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic and a special emphasis on Latin. Latin is the best way to gain an academic vocabulary, to learn the formal system of grammar, and is, along with math, the best early critical thinking skills training. The curriculum’s study of the cultures of Athens and Rome, as well as Biblical and Church history, is designed to provide a basis for a proper understanding of European and American history.

From the Vendor: Miacademy is an engaging online homeschooling educational program for children at the K-8th grade level. Miacademy can be used as a primary homeschooling curriculum or as a supplemental learning site for students in a variety of educational settings. Miacademy is unique in the way that our curriculum is highly customizable, motivates students to learn, provides real-world learning opportunities, and offers a safe social platform for students to share their learning with their peers.

From the Vendor: Time4Learning is an online PreK-12th grade curriculum covering language arts, math, science, and social studies. Interactive activities are student-paced, and parents are provided with planning and reporting tools for easy scheduling and progress tracking. Unlike virtual schools with teachers, we empower you to take control of when, where, and how your child learns.The majority of our customers are homeschoolers. Some homeschool families use Time4Learning as their primary curriculum, while others use it as a homeschool supplement.

From the Vendor: This educational approach places a strong emphasis on core values such as family, God, high character, appreciation for nature, and engagement with wholesome literature. The program stands out for its convenience, requiring no daily preparation—simply open the book and follow the instructions to learn and explore together with your child. Structured in a family style, it integrates history, science, and electives, streamlining the learning process by combining multiple subjects and eliminating the need for numerous separate courses. With a comprehensive phonics reading program, it ensures the development of excellent readers, while its thorough and advanced courses leave no gaps in the educational journey.

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