Frequently Asked Questions

Like any new and innovative program, there are likely many questions and a need for clarification. Breaking the status quo isn’t easy, so let us address the most frequently asked questions.

Moreana Boys Academy operates as a hybrid program, blending group learning in classrooms with independent study and coaching at the learning center. We refer to ourselves as a “microschool,” offering a unique and special educational experience.

Students can enroll for a quarter, semester, or year-long commitment. Parents have the flexibility to choose curriculum from any source, including our recommendations, and are responsible for selecting and purchasing it.

During morning hours, students focus on their chosen curriculum (Personal Academic Plan), with access to laptops, learning materials, and alternative seating options. An instructor is available to assist with challenging academic topics.  Once a student has completed his work for the day, he may also participate in “Maverick Hour” to explore personal interests.

After lunch, the class comes together for enrichment activities such as athletics, art, music, coding, cooking, and group discussions, fostering personal growth and exposing students to new ideas and opportunities.

You can find curriculum online, with thousands of options available for purchase. Some publishers offer comprehensive all-in-one programs covering all core subjects, while others allow you to purchase subjects individually for greater control over content and style.

Click here to view some of the curricula we recommend.  Please feel free to reach out to us directly for personalized recommendations and suggestions.

“Maverick Hour” is a designated time for students to delve into their personal interests. It’s an opportunity for them to read, work on challenge projects, build with Legos, play games, draw, or try something new. Essentially, it’s unstructured free time aimed at fostering personal growth.

Your son will participate in community service projects during designated enrichment periods. Together as a class, we’ll identify community needs and brainstorm ways to address them. These projects are entirely student-led, with Moreana staff offering oversight, resources, and guidance. Depending on the project, we may involve family, friends, and other community members to help achieve our service goals.

Keep in mind, some projects may require effort outside of regular school days and hours.

We recommend bringing your own snacks and lunch to the classroom each day.  We have some snacks and candy available, as well as hot and cold water.  If students require a microwave to warm their lunch, we can accommodate.

If you qualify for FRLP, we will work with you to make sure your son has a lunch every day.

For our inaugural school year, our classroom is located in a guest house on a residential property.  We have seating for 8 students and 1 staff, a private bathroom, WiFi, heat and air conditioning, and all the accommodations of a typical classroom.  Outside the classroom, we have a gated courtyard, and several parks within walking distance.

Please refer to our gallery for pictures of the classroom.

At this time, we are not equipped to assess neurodivergence in students.  We recommend you get these assessments done through your local public school.  For guidance, please contact us.

We do not currently offer daily transportation for students. However, if necessary, we may adjust our model to accommodate transportation needs. For Friday excursions, we ask parents to provide transportation whenever possible. Alternatively, we can arrange transportation using our staff’s personal vehicles.

At Moreana, we don’t provide grades or transcripts. However, we can assist you in creating transcripts for your son upon request. Our staff offers detailed feedback to families regularly. Additionally, we’re happy to write recommendations and reference letters for your son when needed.

If your son has a therapist or academic aide, we’ll make every effort to accommodate them in the classroom. Due to our limited space in our first year, we’ll need to collaborate with you, your son, and his aide to ensure a feasible setup.