Friday Excursions

Learning By Doing

At Moreana Boys Academy, Fridays are not just the end of the week; they’re the beginning of new explorations and enriching experiences. Every Friday, our students embark on carefully curated excursions throughout the greater Phoenix area, designed to transcend the traditional boundaries of field trips. These excursions are immersive, specific, and interactive, aligning with our commitment to providing a holistic education.

From mountaineering adventures that promote teamwork and resilience to visits to renowned museums, where history comes to life, our students encounter a spectrum of enriching activities. They delve into hands-on learning experiences, such as woodworking sessions that nurture practical skills and creativity, or engage in community service at local soup kitchens, fostering empathy and a sense of social responsibility.

Additionally, our excursions extend to botanical gardens, technology hubs, community farms, and interactive art exhibits, ensuring a diverse range of experiences that cater to varied interests. This intentional approach to Fridays not only supplements academic learning but also instills a sense of curiosity, adaptability, and a broader perspective that extends beyond the confines of the traditional classroom. Moreana Boys Academy believes in creating well-rounded individuals, and our Friday excursions are a testament to this commitment, fostering a love for learning that goes far beyond textbooks and lectures.

Excursions Planned for 2024-25*

*List subject to change

          • Mountaineering Usery Pass: Excursion Location: Usery Mountain Regional Park, Mesa, AZ. Activities: Engage in mountaineering adventures that promote teamwork and resilience, involving basic rock climbing, survival skills, and appreciation for the natural beauty of the Usery Pass area.
          • Meeting Small Business Owners: Excursion Location: Gilbert and Queen Creek local businesses. Activities: Foster entrepreneurial spirit by meeting small business owners, gaining insights into their journeys, and participating in discussions on business fundamentals and local economic impact.
          • Gilbert and Queen Creek Town Hall Visit: Excursion Location: Gilbert and Queen Creek Town Halls. Activities: Understand local governance by engaging in informative sessions, meeting community leaders, and discussing civic responsibilities and the impact of local policies on the town’s development.
          • Gilbert PD/FD Station Visit: Excursion Location: Gilbert Police and Fire Department Stations. Activities: Gain firsthand knowledge of public safety operations, participate in discussions with officers and firefighters, and explore the emergency response vehicles and equipment.
          • Phoenix Zoo and Botanical Gardens Behind the Scenes: Excursion Location: Phoenix Zoo and Desert Botanical Garden. Activities: Experience a unique perspective with behind-the-scenes tours, learning about animal care, conservation efforts, and the delicate balance of ecosystems within the Botanical Gardens.
          • Local Bakery/Butcher/Restaurant Visits: Excursion Location: Various local establishments in Gilbert. Activities: Understand the nuances of culinary arts and the food industry through guided tours, interactive workshops, and discussions with chefs, bakers, and local business owners.
          • Construction Project Management: Excursion Location: Gilbert construction sites. Activities: Explore the fundamentals of construction project management, from planning to execution, and engage in hands-on activities like blueprint reading and site inspections.
          • Lake and River Fishing: Excursion Location: Local lakes and rivers in the Gilbert area. Activities: Foster patience and appreciation for nature through fishing activities, learning about aquatic ecosystems, and gaining practical skills in responsible fishing practices.
          • Water Reclamation and Waste Management Facilities: Excursion Location: Local water reclamation and waste management facilities. Activities: Understand the critical processes of waste management and water treatment, witnessing sustainable practices and environmental conservation efforts.
          • Healthcare System: Excursion Location: Local healthcare facilities in Gilbert. Activities: Gain insight into the healthcare industry, shadow medical professionals, and participate in discussions on public health, patient care, and the importance of community wellness.
          • Overnight Camping: Excursion Location: Tonto National Forest or local camping grounds. Activities: Develop survival skills, team-building, and leadership during an overnight camping experience, including setting up tents, campfire cooking, and stargazing.
          • Blacksmithing and Ferrier Experiences: Excursion Location: Local blacksmith workshops or farms. Activities: Discover the art of blacksmithing and farrier work, engaging in hands-on forging activities and learning about the historical significance of these trades.
          • Animal Husbandry – Cattle, Horses, other livestock: Excursion Location: Local ranches or farms. Activities: Gain hands-on experience in caring for livestock, learning about animal husbandry, and understanding the agricultural practices of raising cattle, horses, and other animals.
          • Professional Sports Facility and Team Experiences: Excursion Location: Local professional sports facilities in Phoenix. Activities: Gain insights into the professional sports industry with exclusive tours, meetings with athletes or management, and discussions on teamwork, discipline, and the business side of sports.

Note: Every 3rd Friday of the month is reserved for student-led community service projects.