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Welcome to Moreana Boys Academy

Moreana Boys Academy is an alternative education option for boys in the East Valley that helps independent learners achieve academic excellence and personal development through carefully curated learning excursions, one-on-one academic coaching, challenging projects, and collaboration with peers.  Moreana offers a unique opportunity for boys to grow into experienced, educated, conscientious, and benevolent young men.

Our System

  • Small class sizes and all-male enrollment foster a supportive brotherhood, promoting confidence and comfort in learning.
  • Mixed-age enrollment cultivates older students as role models and encourages younger learners to build confidence.
  • Emphasizing experiential learning beyond classroom boundaries is crucial for holistic education and personal development.
  • Structured yet flexible daily schedules facilitate inquiry-based learning and allow room for individual strengths and passions to flourish.
  • Our school offers curated curriculum options, supplemented by alternative choices at a reduced rate or personalized curriculum at the family’s expense.
  • We incorporate fundamental Christian principles to understand our place in the world and prioritize community service in shaping boys into responsible men.

What is Moreana?

Moreana is a rarely used word that evokes the spirit and virtue of Saint Thomas More, the 15th and 16th century humanist, philosopher, lawyer, and civil servant. More was a lifelong learner, but also a devout servant of God. More believed that piety was not reserved only for the clergy and nobility; rather, he believed that all men had the propensity for piety.  He wrote extensively on theology, law, and – more famously – the unobtainable concept of Utopia.
Moreana Boys Academy is named for Saint Thomas More, who lived and died a faithful servant to the people of Britain, but to God first. We strive to instill his character into our staff and students.

Our four chief virtues, Wisdom, Courage, Justice, and Temperance are derived from the writings of Marcus Aurelius, the 2nd century Roman Emperor who was a follower of the philosophy of Stoicism. We believe these virtues are the foundation of all honorable men.

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