Parental Control

At Moreana, we recognize the unique diversity among students and the varying nature of educational curricula. We prioritize individualized learning plans as the foundational approach to engaging each student, tailoring our methods to meet their specific needs.

Parents and guardians play an integral role in understanding their son’s learning style. To empower them in this regard, Moreana offers a curated library of diverse curricula available to parents. Parents have the autonomy to choose the most suitable curriculum for their son from our collection, with some available at discounted rates or entirely free of charge.  Because of the vastness of the available curricula, and the uniqueness of each family’s academic needs, curriculum cost is the responsibility of each family.

In the event that your preferred curriculum is not currently part of Moreana’s library, we are committed to collaborative efforts. We will work together to either incorporate it into our selection or identify an equally acceptable alternative, ensuring that each student receives an education aligned with their unique strengths and preferences.

Note: Moreana Boys Academy will provide a license to Rosetta Stone to all students upon enrollment, and will also use Zuni Learning Tree and MagicSchool as part of our enrichment curriculum.